Dr. Sim Hoffman-The Applications of Ultrasound Imaging

Dr. Sim Hoffman has been responsible for the oversight and leadership of Advanced Professional Imaging Medical Group, now with offices in Buena Park, San Bernardino and Huntington Park, California, for more than 30 years. A seasoned radiologist and expert in numerous medical imaging techniques, Dr. Sim Hoffman has direct experience with such procedures as general X-ray, nuclear medicine, MRO, CT, and mammography, as well as such special radiological procedures as arthrograms and myelograms.

Sim Hoffman

Another technique in which Dr. Sim Hoffman is well-versed is ultrasound imaging, a relatively convenient, fast and affordable technology which has widespread application in medical diagnostics and evaluation. One of the more notable benefits of ultrasound imaging is that, in some cases at least, the pain or swelling patient is experiencing can often be quickly located and sourced using ultrasound findings. In addition, ultrasound imaging is a dynamic procedure, which can be useful when seeking to show a number of ongoing issues (such as the demonstration of an inguinal hernia).

Ultrasound, as Dr. Sim Hoffman knows, can be a useful tool for examining common issues or abnormalities within the abdomen, the vascular system, scrotum, the musculoskeletal system and more. Prenatal ultrasounds, however, are often performed not by radiologists, but by specialized obstetricians.

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Sim Hoffman

Sim Hoffman was born in Los Angeles, California. He finished his elementary school, junior high and high school studies in the city before attending the University of California, one of the best educational institutions in the region.

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