Dr. Sim Hoffman-Knowing More About Arthrograms

Dr. Sim Hoffman is an experienced radiologist with a broad medical imaging skillset. The Medical Director of the Buena Park-based Advanced Professional Imaging Medical Group since 1986, Dr. Hoffman has years of direct experience and expertise administering a variety of imaging techniques, including ultrasound imaging, nuclear medicine imaging, general X-ray, CT scans, MRIs, and mammography.

Sim Hoffman

Dr. Sim Hoffman is also well-versed in so-called “special” radiology procedures, most notably Arthrograms. Arthrograms are techniques most commonly used to identify issues with the soft tissues within the structure of a joint.

Employing a special X-ray, known as a fluoroscopy, an arthrogram provides the radiologist the opportunity to highlight those tissues not visible using normal X-ray imaging. Such tissues as ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and muscles are best identified using an arthrogram, allowing the physician to better evaluate and diagnose problems affecting movement and causing pain within the joint. While a regular X-ray shows only the bone of a given joint, an arthroscopy can provide a more complete picture of the tissues within.

Arthrograms involve injections of contrast material, such as air, water, dye or a combination thereof, into the patient’s joint so as to ensure they show up during the X-ray imaging process. They are commonly recommended or used for further examination of the patient’s knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, wrist, elbow, and jaw areas.

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Sim Hoffman

Sim Hoffman was born in Los Angeles, California. He finished his elementary school, junior high and high school studies in the city before attending the University of California, one of the best educational institutions in the region.

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