Sim Hoffman

Sim Hoffman: Experienced Radiologist

Sim Hoffman is a doctor in the Los Angeles area who has been a certified specialist in nuclear medicine since 1984. Since 1996, he has been the medical director at the Diagnostic Imaging Network Medical Group in Anaheim, and since 1986, the medical director at the Advanced Professional Imaging Medical Group.

“I have experience as a Radiologist in general x-ray, ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, C.T., MRI mammography, and special radiology procedures such as arthrograms and myleograms,” he says. X-rays are essential diagnostic tools in modern medicine. X-rays create images of structures within the human body so that doctors can detect any abnormalities. Because they are a painless and non-invasive way to diagnosing a patient’s condition, x-rays have become an essential tool.

Today x-rays and similar imaging tools are taken for granted, but they are technical marvels. X-rays are a form of radiation similar to light rays. The difference is that they are more energetic than light rays. They were accidentally discovered in 1895 by a German physicist named Wilhem Roentgen. Roentgen happened also to be a photographer, and his knowledge in that seemingly unrelated field gave him the insight that the shadows created by x-rays passing through a body could be recorded on photographic plates. For these contributions to medicine, he became the first scientist to win a Nobel Prize for physics.

Dr. Sim Hoffman received his medical degree from the University of Virginia Medical School in 1979.

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Sim Hoffman

Sim Hoffman was born in Los Angeles, California. He finished his elementary school, junior high and high school studies in the city before attending the University of California, one of the best educational institutions in the region.

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