Dr. Sim Hoffman: Selecting the Right Radiologist

Dr. Sim Hoffman, a radiologist with decades of experience, is Medical Director of his Buena Park, California, known as Advanced Professional Imaging Medical Group. From his practice, Sim Hoffman helps patients receive the medical care and attention that they need.

Sim Hoffman

Recently, when speaking of his practice, Dr. Sim Hoffman stated:

“Radiology is a field of solving problems for patients. My office staff and I are dedicated to making our patients feel comfortable with diagnostic procedures and tests. We are always available for patients’ questions.”

This is the type of passion and patient care that exemplifies a radiologist. Points like those below will help you find such a quality professional:

  • When searching for a radiologist, look for professionals who specialize in the care that you require. Radiology is a diverse field with many areas of focus, and this diversity is what draws professionals like Dr. Hoffman to the field.

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You can look for specialists by searching general radiology groups in your city, state or country. Alternately, look for specialized radiology groups suited to your needs and search from there.

Once you locate specialists, take your list of potential radiologists to your doctor so that he or she can validate the specializations.

  • Check out the radiologist’s reputation through multiple sources. Common review platforms, like Google, are a good place to begin. Next, however, you can look for medical professional reputations through sites intended specifically for physician review.

Even if a radiologist appears to have a perfect reputation, take it one step further and inquire with radiology associations that they are affiliated with for a deeper look at their standing.

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