Dr. Sim Hoffman: Questions to Ask Your Imaging Specialist

Dr. Sim Hoffman is a reputable physician whose office in Buena Park, California, known as Advanced Professional Imaging Medical Group, provides imaging services to countless patients.

_Sim Hoffman

With decades of experience in imaging, Dr. Sim Hoffman enjoys working with patients to help them receive the best healthcare possible.

When speaking about the subject, he stated: “My office staff and I are dedicated to making our patients feel comfortable with diagnostic procedures and tests. We are always available for patients’ questions.”

If you have an appointment with a reputable imaging specialist, you can ask questions before any treatment, and you should. If you’re not sure what questions to ask, start with inquiries like those explained below:

  • Learn about the office’s imaging equipment. Ask if it meets the highest industry standards, with the best-quality images and the lowest radiation doses for that quality.

If a clinic is not using the best imaging equipment, look for a different option in your area. Imaging technology evolves constantly, becoming safer and more effective, and to best protect your health, you need a clinic that evolves with its industry.

  • Inquire about the training of the radiologists in the clinic. These professionals should have special training to interpret images so that they can accurately identify all health issues.

For example, ask what the topic of the radiologist’s fellowship was and if it allowed them to specialize in the type of scan you are receiving. A neurology issue, for example, might be best treated by a radiologist who completed a neurology fellowship.

You can read more about Dr. Sim Hoffman and his practice, Advanced Professional Imaging Medical Group in Buena Park, California, at: www.advancedprofessionalimg.com


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Sim Hoffman

Sim Hoffman was born in Los Angeles, California. He finished his elementary school, junior high and high school studies in the city before attending the University of California, one of the best educational institutions in the region.

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