Arthrograms with Dr. Sim Hoffman

Dr. Sim Hoffman is a nuclear radiologist who specializes in many imaging techniques to help with diagnosis and treatment. One of these methods is the x-ray arthrogram. This employs the use of a special kind of x-ray machine (fluoroscopy) to take a series of pictures of a joint using a radioactive dye. The use of the dye with the x-ray machine allows him to examine in detail the various structures of a joint in the human body. This can include muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and joint capsules. The dye is used because these intricate structures are not able to be seen with traditional use of an x-ray machine alone.

Sim Hoffman
Sim Hoffman

This method of diagnosis is most often used when an individual is experiencing pain in the joints. This technique allows a radiologist to examine the soft tissues within the joint. A traditional x-ray will only show bones, leaving much to be questioned regarding joint pain and/or joint damage. Arthrograms are traditionally performed on the following areas of the body:


1.       Hip
2.       Knee
3.       Ankle
4.       Shoulder
5.       Elbow
6.       Wrist
7.       Jaw

An arthrogram can be used in the following ways by a certified radiologist:

1.       Find injuries or other problems within a joint
2.       Locate cysts or other abnormal growths
3.       Monitor a needle when taking a tissue sample from a joint
4.       Monitor a needle when injecting pain treatments

There are a few individuals who should communicate important messages with radiologists like Dr. Sim Hoffman before receiving an arthrogram. These include pregnant women, those with allergies to contrast materials, iodine, or anesthetics, individuals with asthma, people taking blood thinning medications or who have any blood conditions, have a current infection in the joint, and those with diabetes.

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