Sim Hoffman – Types of Medical Diagnostic Imaging Technologies

Medical diagnostic imaging technologies, like those used by Sim Hoffman at Advanced Professional Imaging Medical Group, create images of the inside of the body as an aid in diagnosing medical conditions and diseases. There are many different kinds of medical imaging technologies that can be used to make a medical diagnosis. Here are some of the most common technologies used to check for abnormalities in the body.

Sim Hoffman

  • X-rays – these are quick and painless and use electromagnetic radiation to create images of the inside of the body. Denser objects, like bones, are highlighted and less dense objects, like fat, appear in shades of gray.
  • CT Scans – a high-powered type of x-ray, this technology can determine if a patient has internal bleeding, broken bones, blood clots, musculoskeletal diseases, heart disease, and arterial blockages.
  • Ultrasounds – this technology uses waves to create an image of the body’s tissues. They are used to examine the progress of a fetus, the heart, kidney, liver, blood vessels, and other internal organs.
  • MRIs – these types of medical diagnostic imaging tools are used to capture images of the brain, heart, spinal cord, blood vessels and other organs. It uses magnet and radio waves to create three-dimensional images.
  • Nuclear scans – these use radioactive substances and a gamma ray camera to capture images from inside the body.

Sim Hoffman and his colleagues at Advanced Professional Imaging Medical Group are all highly experienced and skilled in using these types of medical diagnostic imaging technologies.

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